My brother was told to strike a pose.

My brother was told to strike a pose.

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posted March 2 @ 07:10pm

Because all monsters are human.

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posted September 18 @ 04:45pm
Time Lapse Of Lake Eppalock, Australia

Time Lapse Of Lake Eppalock, Australia

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posted November 4 @ 12:40pm
New York City Blackout from above.

New York City Blackout from above.

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posted November 3 @ 10:19pm
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posted November 3 @ 05:22pm
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posted August 1 @ 03:38pm
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posted June 13 @ 11:27am

Abandoned Disneyland in Beijing China.

It’s as if you hopped off of your flying elephant and walked straight into an apocalyptic wasteland, surrounded by scrubby grass, empty buildings, and the shell of a Magic Kingdom. This is the ghost of a Disney World-style amusement park in China, abandoned partway through construction, and now a hauntingly beautiful scene of decay.

tagged as: disneyland. abandoned. disney. happiest place on earth. haunted. creepy. photography. china. beijing. theme park. amusement park. photo.
posted May 10 @ 03:28pm
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